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Happy New Year

Wow!!! If you are reading this that means you made it to the very first day of 2018! Happy New Year!!! Many people we know or even ourselves make resolutions around this time of year. I no longer make resolutions, because they are usually broken by January 3rd…lol. Don’t judge me; I am just being […]

She Wins

In my last blog, Crying Out I shared with you how I have been dealing with MDD. The purpose of that piece was not to get sympathy, but shed light on mental health issues and how even the people you wouldn’t think are suffering are dealing with something. Since I shared that piece, I have […]

Crying Out

As I sit here at 2 am writing this piece, I must confess that for almost two months now I have sat down with my laptop attempting to share the following with you. The thing that made this so hard to share was the fear of being “judged or labeled by people”. People can be […]

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