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When I first started this blog, I not only wanted to share my ideas, thoughts and stories and have a conversation with my readers, but I also wanted to present the opportunity to read from other like minded bloggers as well.

It is with great pleasure and honor that I introduce to you my guest blogger for this month, Mrs. Britne Daughtdrill. She is a blogger and mental health professional out of Nashville, TN. This woman is an absolute pleasure to be around and since our meeting, I have grown to love, respect and call her my friend.

She is the founder of The Destiny Dive and I am honored to share with you her words as we close out this month’s topic: strength. Please enjoy as Britne shares with us seven situations to help us better deal with the relationships we have.

Also, please the take the time to check out her blog as well over at The Destiny Dive.


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Iā€™m Rose Kehinde, founder of Rose Colored Lenses. My mission and goal is to create a platform that allows us to help each other on this journey called life. As you read from me, you will see my heart and in turn I hope to see yours as well. This journey called life requires us all to work together.


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