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It’s Ok to Ask

Short one!

It takes strength to wake up in the morning determined against all the odds to have a made up mind that says, “I WILL WIN”! There are many days that I wake up and I don’t even feel like moving, because it seems as though my world is crashing around me. There are days that I start off great and somewhere through the course of the day, it feels as though the strength tank was depleted without my knowledge.

There are days that I feel as though people want me to be their strength and mine simultaneously but, I just don’t have it to give. There are days that I want to retreat to the corner of the darkest room and sit there without words to anyone.

I often ask myself why people don’t think it’s ok for me to have a day where I need to tap into the strength of someone else. I wonder why people think I will always have that encouraging word, the solution for the problem or that hug to keep them moving. I ask, where my hug and encouraging word is when I need it? One day freedom came when a dear friend said, “Rosie, it’s ok to not always be the strong one.” From that day forward, I stopped draining myself completely trying to be the strength everyone else needed.

It takes a great deal of courage to recognize when you have nothing to give. I encourage each of you to pay more attention to you and reach out for help when you don’t have the strength to get out of the bed and make it a great one. Reaching and asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness, but that of GREAT strength and courage. I encourage you to embrace help from others. I used to hear someone say, “borrow my story, until you get your own”…I say to you, tap into the strength of a trustworthy source until your strength is replenished again.

This week and month I challenge you to be more aware of when you’re strength tank is running low and you need help. It’s ok to ask for help!


Author: Rose

I’m Rose Kehinde, founder of Rose Colored Lenses. My mission and goal is to create a platform that allows us to help each other on this journey called life. As you read from me, you will see my heart and in turn I hope to see yours as well. This journey called life requires us all to work together.


2 thoughts on “It’s Ok to Ask

  1. Well-said Rose! I agree that asking for help is a sign of courage and strength, and I would add humility. God never intended for us to be like an island or live in isolation.

    1. Absolutely right Joelle! And I can only pray that more and more of us will start reaching out for help, because we need it.

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