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Crying Out


As I sit here at 2 am writing this piece, I must confess that for almost two months now I have sat down with my laptop attempting to share the following with you.

The thing that made this so hard to share was the fear of being “judged or labeled by people”. People can be so judgmental when they are not dealing with the same problem. I had thoughts like “what will they say” and “will they start thinking differently of me”?  Then one day I realized this is not about me, it is about helping someone else shed light on their situation and having the strength to get the help they need.

My name is Rose Kehinde and I suffer from major depression disorder. *insert loud sigh of relief from me and loud gasp from others* There, I said it out loud and now I start to get the real help that I need. 

It really is okay. After all, I am not alone. According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people suffer from depression. WOW!!! And here I thought I was alone. So many of us suffer in silence to avoid being treated differently by those we value their opinions. We rather not be seen as being weak, so we stay in a dark place in our minds and isolate ourselves from those we care about and the things we enjoy doing. We bury feelings in denial and try to work out the “bad days” alone. But if I may ask you a very candid question, when was the last time denial made anything better or actually made it go away? Oh yeah, I’m waiting. *taps fingers rhythmically* Exactly, it does not make things better or disappear and it never will.

There are many triggers of depression, death of a loved one, job/money worries, divorce, illness, head injuries, just to name a few. Many of these triggers are out of our control and this is why it is okay to get help.

Symptoms of depression are often associated with those of having a “bad” day but, could it be more than that? Could it be that you are falling into a place of depression and not even know? Here are just a few symptoms, check here for a full list.

  • Anxiety, loss of interest and mood swings
  • Lack of sleep, excessive eating and fatigue
  • Insomnia and restlessness
  • Isolation, irritability and numbness
  • Lack of concentration and suicidal thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, these symptoms are normal feelings associated with just having a “bad” day however, the persistence of these symptoms for longer than 2 weeks should be discussed with a medical professional. Depression is feeling like you have lost something but having no idea when or where you last had it, then one day you realize what you lost was you. Depression does not have a look. In fact, depression can look just like this!  This is a pic I posted on social media that received many likes and little did anyone know that this was a “low” day for me. You see faking a smile becomes so much easier than explaining to people why you are sad. How many times have you spoken to someone and not really paid attention long enough to see that something is/was wrong. So many of us plaster a smile on our faces for the sake of escaping the label of being “crazy”.

Let me help you with this; labels are for them not you. What I mean is, labels allow people to deal with others in a way that is more comfortable for them. With labels, people know how and what to say to get by or even how to escape their feelings. It is time to stop going through life so fast, that we do not see who is crying out for help.

Depression has robbed me of so much and when I finally decided that enough is enough, I reached out for help and got a therapist. Enter STRENGTH!!!!! #JudgeMeButIAmWorthIt

I have a therapist now that I speak to as often as necessary and I am slowly, but surely on the road to recovery without medication. IT. IS. LIBERATING!

I encourage you today, talk to someone and get the help you need. Be “crazy” enough to fight for you! #YouAreWorthIt

If you are unsure, here are just a few places to start.

Also, feel free to email me at myeyes@rosecoloredlenses.org I would love to hear from you. Sharing what I have been dealing with is part of my fight for me and I hope that you see that you are just as important. Fight for you; you are worth it! I play this song often to remind me to fight!

Stay tuned as we go along this journey together!!! #PushThrough and #BeFreeToLive


Author: Rose

I’m Rose Kehinde, founder of Rose Colored Lenses. My mission and goal is to create a platform that allows us to help each other on this journey called life. As you read from me, you will see my heart and in turn I hope to see yours as well. This journey called life requires us all to work together.


7 thoughts on “Crying Out

  1. Beautiful Rose….Thank you for sharing. Its such an important topic…and many are sufferring in silence. There is help…freedom…deliverance…
    Im excited that you are bringing light to this cloud of darkness called depression.
    I pray He will give you a wellspring full of joy on your personal journey….and fullness of joy as you help others ❤

    1. Thank you Ms. Angie! The silence and fear is debilitating and I can only hope that others will start to seek the help they need. 💙

  2. Sweet Rose you are absolutely amazing!! You have strength beyond your knowledge. It is very brave of you to share your story. I am positive that it is and will help many people. It has definitely helped me. Thank you.
    #BeTheVoice(you are 💯)

  3. You are one brave and strong individual!! Now that you have openly shared your story, I hope others will be liberated to get help and share theirs too. Love you much hun!!

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